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Additional Dwelling Unit Arcadia

Additional Dwelling Unit Arcadia

Accessory dwelling units in Arcadia can add valuable living space to your property. Inan Builders is a renowned contractor in Pasadena, CA, capable of handling all your ADU project details from design to construction. We design many ADU options to suit our clients' specific tastes and needs. In addition, our contractors can build your ADU as an attached or detached unit. We have also designed and constructed ADU garage conversions for many of our clients.

Clients choose us for ADU design and construction for many reasons. First, we have excellent knowledge of regulations and requirements and state laws regarding ADUs. We take the hassle of ADU construction from our clients. When you come to us for ADU design and construction, we will manage the entire process, so you do not have to. Inan Builders specializes in increasing the value and space of your home. We aim to ensure your home's space suits your needs. ​

ADU vs. Room Addition

An ADU is a new structure that may be attached or detached from the primary residence. We can design your ADU structure to act as a standalone home with its bath, bedroom, living space, and kitchen. Our clients build ADU as rental units, separate living, pool houses, or workspaces.

There are distinct differences between ADUs and room additions. The latter involves expanding a house's main structure to increase its square footage. A room addition project may be done to expand a kitchen, primary suite, or family room. Such a project may involve building a second or third story.

Arcadia ADU Construction

Inan ADU builder has many years of experience building ADUs and renovations in Pasadena, CA, and surrounding counties. We meet our clients' needs by offering turnkey ADU construction services, focusing on superior craftsmanship and customer service.

Our contractors will manage every aspect of your project, from design and conversion to construction. Some of our ADU construction services include electrical and lighting, structural improvements, HVAC, open floor plans, architectural planning, and demolition.

Quick Turnaround

Inan ADU contractor specializes in constructing quality ADUs within reasonable timelines without compromising quality. We have more than 50 beautiful ADU plans pre-approved by the city of Los Angeles. Our detached, flexible ADU designs shorten the permit process significantly. The plans are as varied as they come and range from studio apartments to multi-story ADU plans.

Our ADU designs and floor plans offer many exciting features, including exterior staircases, spacious patios, rooftop decks, and other beautiful architectural elements. In addition, we will handle your plan's submission process so that you do not have to go through the hassle of your ADU construction project. Inan Builders is a one-stop shop for ADU design and construction in Arcadia. CA. If you do not find a plan that works for you on our catalog, we can design a custom ADU with all the features and aesthetics you want. We can always develop an ADU design and construction plan for you regardless of your needs.

We can recommend a plan to suit your needs and taste. Contact Inan Builders for a free quote.

Additional Dwelling Unit Arcadia

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